Ozone Media Platform

Media Platform for Enterprise based on open technologies

OZONE Media Platform

Innovative technology solution

"corporate media platform for optimizing media content communication within and outside your institution. Ozone, for professional users; centralizes, indexes and transforms the whole of your digital media around a robust architecture. It offers smart ways to save time by using an interface that greatly simplifies the tasks of search and recovery."

Based on corporate-grade technologies, Ozone can easily be integrated with existing work processes without jeopardizing your business architecture.

Fully modular, you start and grow according to your needs:

  • Ozone One Version: Basic solution for small local groups
  • Ozone Server Version: Media Platform with advanced features
  • Ozone Professional Version: Complete solution integrating all modules.

  • Download Ozone Datasheet

    Ozone becomes your central hub for your communication. Ozone allows you to focus on your core business by relieving you of any series of actions on the media for which you would lose precious time. Converting files, video re-mastering and re-encoding, or sharing media ... all is made possible with a single central engine.
    are important axes for the provisionning of content within and outside the company. With our scalable architecture, we can guarantee the same waiting time, regardless of whether your database contains 100 or millions of medias.
    Increase the sense of belonging within the company or in large groups with "customized" interfaces, adding your graphics and logos, or using our API, allowing full integration into your own intranet.
    Ozone uses the most advanced technologies in data security and data protection. Our software passes an annual penetration and security test from third parties.
    We support local storage, NAS, external SANs and also OpenStack technologies for data center environments, and NOSQL database systems used by players such as Netflix or Twitter.
    Our software management layer can be installed in a secured Cloud (and locally) with various front-end interfaces coexisting on the same admin interface, allowing for all of your sites:
  • a customized, simple and intuitive management system
  • a dynamic services provisioning
  • redundancy and high availability of your systems
  • a centralized monitoring system, and statistics tool
  • Ozone Architecture


    Your Central Pivot

    Content Ingest & Store, Preparation & Transcoding, Index & Metadata, Craft, Edit, Effects & Correction, Search, Browse & Collaborate, Monitoring & Security, Playout


    Main Features

    Content Ingest & Store

    Via a simple, intuitive interface, and according to your access rights, Ozone allows you to import your media of all types, and store them securely, locally or in the cloud.

    Content Preparation & Transcoding

    Each user or terminal can require specific content formats, Ozone automatically transcodes media (including video) into the formats you will need in your environment.

    Index & Metadata

    Each new media is automatically indexed in real time (format, size, duration, author ...) and manually by the administrators of the system by simply adding keywords and descriptions.

    Granular Permission Scheme

    Ozone provides a smart system for Access Right Management (hierarchies): upload, edit, share, playback, delete, download.

    Craft, Edit, Effects & Correction

    Media can be edited directly from the administration interface: effects on pictures, cuts, text...

    Search, Browse & Collaborate

    The Media search by a user of a given department will be restricted to entitlements allocated to this user or inherited from his department (limitation on keywords and tags used at the Media upload).

    Monitoring & Security

    Ozone uses Entreprise Class Open Source Technologies (Spring, J2EE Web App, Watermark, Creative Commons, secured upload, encrypted transfers) and has a version control tool.

    Automation & Playout

    The Ozone playout feature uses a broadcast automation system with programming applications, controlling video servers and video recorders for example.

    Multi-Channel Delivery

    Ozone allows internal/external channel generation, to all kind of devices, and to third solutions (Digital Signage, Video Walls, Interactive kiosks or IPTV Systems...).

    Content Generation

    From basic video playlists to a advanced media streaming scheme, Ozone provides the ability to create your own content.

    Portfolio interfaces